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I may be getting screwed...

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This story is complicated...

There is a company here in Houston that I occasionally help with installs. They only had one installer and he left in October, so I have been helping since.

Ok, so about a month ago I was asked by them to submit a bid on a house that they were bidding to try and help them get the contract. "sure. no prob". I was going to do the install anyhow. They sent me their take off sheet showing 1800 sqft of actual glass. It came out to about 2400 of film usage. They admitted they had messed up the bid and bid way too low, mistake 1. They had bid on actual sq ft instead of film usage, mistake 2, at a REALLY low ppsf for Vista. (PM me for details). I was asked to bid at 2.5 times theirs. I know what their bid was b/c they forgot to take the ppsf off the takeoff sheet.

Although they dont know I know, when they sent me the take off sheet, the file had a name on it from a sales rep from my distributor (they asked for his help as well). I called him to ask about it and what he had bid. He bid twice what they did for Madico SB341. My bid was for Geo30. Ok, after running some numbers, I have concluded there is NO WAY this company couldnt make a dime with V41.

They got the contract and I, along with another biz owner (friend of mine), are installing it. We are installing V41. I would like to know what Vista (roughly) costs to purchase psf. I am now curious if they are using MY bid, or the other guys. There is no way they could purchase 2400 sq ft of Vista and pay me and the other guy to install. If they are using my bid, first off, how could I find out, and what can I do about it?

Please PM me for price specifics for those who purchase Vista so I can get your opinion if this deal is possible.

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Guest vclimber

Hey TJ never trust someone that you can't trust. :cold

That V41 will corrode if you are installing it in Houston and did not edge seal. :)

There is no room in that deal after you factor in your install and the cost of Terre 41. :lol

ENPRO is bidding residential now? Oh cr@p! :)

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