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Winter Olympics...

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Just kind of curious...

Do you guys in the States follow the winter Olympics at all? Or is just something only us iceholes from frozen countries are really into? Just wondering if it's really followed south of the border or not such a huge deal. (I mean... I'm sure if you're from Arizona or Florida you couldn't care less :thumb )

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:copcar That's what I thought. Wasn't sure though. The winter Olympics seem to be a bigger deal here than the summer ones (this year of course is ridiculous because they're held here). I just didn't know if many people down there followed it or not.

Personally I find the winter ones more interesting, there's more 'fast' events than the summer counterpart.

I just wasn't sure if there was much coverage on the networks down there or if it's pushed at all.

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we watch it every night
Love them and have watched them every chance I can. GO USA :twocents

Ok sweet. I assumed some would follow it pretty religiously, especially in northern states. I'm pretty stoked that it's going to be a Canada VS USA fight in the men's finals. This should be pretty good for anybody who's into hockey (I'm not a huge hockey fan, but even I'm going to watch it for sure). I just wanted to see if anybody down there would even recognize, and be thrilled, IF the U.S. wins. It would suck if nobody really cared what they pulled off. Even though they're going to have their hands full :lol2

I've never followed the summer ones, I find them dull for some reason. But the last two winter Olympics I've found myself watching things I wouldn't normally watch, and getting pretty into it.

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