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Audi A6 Door Seals

Guest Gunner

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Guest Gunner

I recently had a AUDI A6 in the shop, I noticed that the seals for the front windows are extremely tight, no way was I about to try to tick them and I tried squeezing the tint in behind with the ez tool but without luck, so instead of tying this customer up and knowing that it would return with peeling problems I just cut it above the seal and sure enough he called and I set him back up for another appointment to have it redone..so my questions is? What is the technique I should use here? Im really against pulling off the door panels but if I have to learn too I will, or does these "gaskett wizards" everyone talks about loving and hating really get the job done?

One more question while Im posting..What types of procedures does everyone take to make sure their garage area remains clean and keeps dirt to a minimum? My problem is I also own a detailing business along with my graphics and window tinting, I finding alot of dirt lately in my film...ive tried spraying the floors to keep dust down, ive been extra through in my cleaning process, I keep my glass where I pull the tint from clean...the only other option I can think of is completely tarping off half of my garage stricktly for tinting, does that sound like it would work?


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Guest sifly

Hi Gunner, I've had an Audi main dealer coming to us for around 6 years.

With these doors where you have 4 welded seams, we tried to tint without cutting the bottom corners, but one car kept on picking the film off - so I said to the salesman what needed to be done - and agreed. After the tint job is done, just super glue the corners back together.

I know that not everyone would agree with this solution, but this car was a problem car - and it needed to be sorted !! :beer

Regarding your workshop, we incorporated different ideas into our business ( vinyl graphics, logo's, reversing systems etc ) BUT the best was me introducing something totally different from working with autos, I had been flying rc helicopters and planes for quite a few years - so I got a trade supplier of decent quality models and made up a display.

Now the idea behind this, it's normally the guys that come and drop off the cars, so if they see these on display - or even better - I can demo these in our workshop at the end of the day and let them have a go on our simulator, also the bigger heli's blow the dust and stuff outwards by the wall - just sweep up and hose down - job done. :beer

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Guest youngazntinter

ive just used gasket wizard on 03 accord... to some folks, its a cake job but some how I just couldnt get them laid,,,so after 5 wasted films and several hours, the very next day I used wizard and freakin got it in5 min. my best investment ever.

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