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what do u think?


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a local body shop brings me a toyota truck to tint one window, sends one of his guys to pick up truck 3 days later, takes it, calls me that I scratched and dented the truck, said he woudl bring it by to show me, never shows up.

a week goes by calls me today says he's gonna bill me for all the damages, wtf? :popcorn

I didnt do anything and there was nothing wrong with truck when they took it, guess he's trying to clean his hands with me.

says he's gonna send to collection :lol2 I had thought I had seen and heard it all but no, keeps on coming. what do u folks

recommend me to do?

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Guest 515tinter

thats why I always take before and after pics. saved me one time a customer said I cracked his windshield but I had after pics just befor I pulled it out and it wasn't on there so I didn't owe anything

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Does the truckbelong to the body shop or a customer ?

They claim you damaged the truck, but never let you see the damage ?

This was not submitted to the insurance why ?

Sounds fishy to me !

I would do nothing and wait to see if he is just bluffing.

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Guest 515tinter
I don't think he could do a thing without an accident report even if he took you to court. Tell him to go take a flying leap.

best reply yet! I wouldn't sweat it

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