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May need some help on this one...


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I have been in talks with this customer for the last 3 months or so. Dealing with private school board members who only meet once a month and are just about to give the okay to do the window tint. The install wont happen until the kids are out for summer break which is the end of May. Finally made the three hour trek to the school today to take some measurements and look things over. Windows are only 10 years old (metal with removable rubber gaskets). Not too much stuff in the way to access the majority of the windows. The school does not have air conditioning and they are planning on installing a new system but want to have film installed so the new air system can operate more efficiently and possibly buy a smaller unit due to the film blocking a majority of the incoming solar heat. I guess its like an oven right now. Here are the numbers: 293 windows making up 2500sqft. The largest windows being 43"x52" with the average window being 40"40". Not too much ladder work due to there being a ledge to work off in the classrooms. The highest windows are in the Gym and they are only about 16ft to the top. Anyways, anyone interested in traveling to Ohio when the time comes and make some money? PM me your per sqft charge. Overnight accommodations may be taken care of by me. I havnt got approval yet but I want to get my ducks in a row before I do. I have one guy right now who I work with from time to time, but would like a couple more guys to get the job done quick. If you are unsure of your tinting skills, dont bother...lol





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BTW, the only issue I can think of is, its in the middle of bum pucked egypt and dont think there are any close hotels/motels. My only solution would be to rent a pop-up camper and tow it behind my van...lol I know it sounds redneck camping out in a school parking lot, but what else is there to do...lol

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