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Funny Things you tell the customer

Guest Scottsfire

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Guest Scottsfire

One of my jobs today was a co-worker from the firehouse. I tinted his truck at a nice "friend" discount. While doing my walk through with him of the completed work he asked me, when he could roll down his window? I replied with "NEVER, don't ever roll down these windows,...when you asked for the cheap and easy tint job I thought you wanted what we call a "lock-down" job". He asked "What is a lock down job"???? I told him, its the cheapest and easiest way to tint a vehicle.....I told him "I tinted the side rolldown windows to where you can never roll them down or you mess the tint up and void the warranty"...puzzled he looked at me and after a minute or two said...."Oh.....well Ok.......well, how much more would it cost me to get them to where it would roll down??? At that point I could not stop from laughing inside and decided to let him in on my little joke. It was funny cause I caught him off guard. I did tell him that if I had done my job right he should be able to roll them down in 5 days...ha and even thats a crap shoot, at least from this rookie...ha ha..

So, it got me thinking, you guys that have been in the business for awhile I'm sure have some great stories......lets hear them!!!!

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customer: how mush to teent my 325I BMW, I want thee leemo teent.

Me: is it a limo?

Customer: ...

Me: (trying not to laugh)

Me: explain state laws and pricing on the film


Customer: how mush are you teents

Me: how many are you looking to buy

I guess I shouldn't pick on people but meh I need to have some fun

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Guest Scottsfire
when asked how much exp. I have , I tell them I watched a video last night ....

ha ha......well once I have their keys in hand I tell them "oh Im not a real tinter, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"

ha.... This also works well when people come up to the engine to start conversations by asking how long I've been Firefighting I say, "oh....no....no....I'm not really a fireman, I stayed at that Holiday Inn Express last night,,,,I'm really an accountant"!!!! Ha! They always look puzzled until they remember the popular adcampaigne!

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