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DefenZall Paint Protection Film

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Tried a sample of this stuff today, I'd say that the adhesive is not that strong the material is too thin compared to other PPF but you can definitely stretch this stuff out. I am just used to the XPEL and venture shield PPF, I even used alot of alcohol on certain areas where needed and it still wouldn't stay down. It works fine if you install it in an area that does not have much curve but other then that I didn't like the stuff.

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Guest Darknesswithin

never heard of it either!

but on another note try this next time you use a ppf and have problems with it staying down,,, do your normal methods along with using a water/alcohol but try using a steamer,,

by using a steamer it allows the ppf to mold a bit easier without drying the surface or material out and at the same time heating the adhesive up enough to help it stay down!

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never used a steamer but I was using the same solution I have always. Honestly I think its the Film , never had a issue tacking down Venture shield or Xpel PPF.

I had a sales rep from solamatrix tell me about the new PPF stuff and they sent me a sample to try. If you guys get a sample of it let me know but Im sticking with the PPF that works for me.

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Guest Darknesswithin

the steamer works well,,

I like Venture and Xpel but my preference is definitely Clearshield..... you should try the steamer on your next job , it just makes the install go much smoother/faster without the worry of it lifting on hard corners but keep in mind that it helps set up the adhesive Alot faster than just water/alcohol so theres little room for error, just besure to have it right where you want it when you tack it!

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Guest kccartint

Been using it for the past few weeks. Much better tack then the others so far. Has some peel to it but actually has a top coat unlike some others that claim to (Xpel & Avery).

The big difference is actually using the film. Throwing on a sample will not give you an idea of what the film is all about. Been there and done that with them all. So far it has been better then the Avery, Xpel, Venture and 3M. The only other film that has shown promise is the Durashield which is the smoothest of them all to date.

Been a good film all in all with a smooth install overall.

Here is one install of many with the film. All bulk and one piece bumper with no seams. Everything tacked down perfect without issue using gell.850907592_u9dne-L.jpg850914112_kiqU3-L.jpg850910767_RKdsZ-L.jpg

Link to the rest of the pics.Visit My Website

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Guest untouchable

Hey props on getting that vette bumper all in one piece. I have done a lot of them and that is no easy feat. I know it is a big pain but I take off all my emblems, especially on the vettes, you should try it out, just turns out so clean.

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Guest kccartint

The things that stuck out was the film being thin and not sticking. The film feels like most of the other players after peeled from the liner. Thicker then Xpel Premium which is exactly like the Llumar and similar to Avery, Venture and 3M as far as mil thickness. The feel of the film can fool you into thinking it may be thicker or thinner. Something to keep in mind.

Then the tack issue. Seems more like a prep or solution problem, too much alcohol was used after soaking it with a overly soapy slip possibly. Alcohol is a great tool when needed but too much is just that and can effect the film. Same goes for your slip. Having loads of soap is just going to be a fight. It helps to get your film positioned but even a little too much is going to be a fight. Even the soap that is used will effect the install.

I used Xpel gell on the install on the Vette and it tacked down right away. You have to keep in mind that pressure is an issue as well and how your pulling the film. I can see it being a problem if you fighting with the film and having to peel it back several times or using too much soap in your slip. Trying to fix this with lots of alcohol is not going to be a quick fix. It just makes things worst. After all.... the effects of the alcohol solution are mainly from the water and lack of soap then anything. Alcohol has little to do with it other then to create a more fluid like coating vs a beading air filled filler.

I am not saying you did it all wrong. I can say that your post is only opinion of a single install that has many variables that may and most likely not affect many other installers. Its good to hear thoughts on a new film but you have only played with the film so it should be taken with a very light heart. The film tacks a lot like the Xpel and Avery without the relaxing problem (film pulling back a little after stretch).

Another thing worth noting. The film does not drag or scratch up real easy like some other popular films if you hit a dry spot or using an old well worn in squeegee. If your a kit person then the film is a winner.

Any of us could recreate the problems brought up in the OP with any film. Its a matter of figuring out how you need to adjust to the new film.

Any input is good input and since there are so many techniques to installing ppf it may just not be for you at this time.

We carry 5 different brands of PPF and aside from the Avery/Xpel they all install very different.

Here are a few more with the DefenZall.


The rest of the gallery. Full Gallery

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