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Harder back glass

Dj Kustoms

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Guest 515tinter
Invisi-seam at defrost. Takes me less time to 2-piece shrink, seam and install than to shrink one-piece on hard back glass.

or just take your time and get it in one piece twocents.gif did you do the monte wet or dry?

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Guest scottydosnntkno
instead of workin toward the middle, try working the whole section down at the same time. im sure you work the window in quarters, so get the whole quarter down gradually. sound like your shrinkin the film all the way to the end and working toward the middle.

:smoker I don't remember anything that hard about that window.

just do your H, and work from the middle side to side all the way to the bottom/top of the glass without stopping. don't worry if you don't get all the shrink the first time, because you can always come back once it cools. This will also pull the excess from the other side towards the middle, so once you move over to that side it'll be a lot easier.

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