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Any Computer Geeks Here ?


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When I go out of town, I would like to have access to TD.com anywhere.

I have heard of Broadband to go, and my wifi, have no idea which is better or if there are any other options available.

Who can give their expertise on the different options for mobile Internet access ?

And, I guess I would have to have a laptop or notebook to connect it to, if anyone has a spare they are selling. Cheap Price, does not have to have a ton of bells or whistles, or the latest or newest fastest processsor, either.

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If you're just looking for something to browse on the go, I would look into getting a netbook. There are many out on the market now... I have an Asus EEEPc, which is a couple years old and I'm sure there are newer machines that do twice as much for the same price.

As for 'net access on the road... that I'm not super familar with - but I know there are several places that offer free wifi.. Dunkin Doughnuts... McDs... etc. I know in my area there is a company called Clear - http://www.clear.com - that offeres wifi. Unfortunately their coverage isn't super great in the northern part of NJ... but I'm probably going to try them out in the next month or so. My main reason is if I'm out doing a FG job someplace and get a call for an est, I'd like to be able to access my files and google maps and stuff on my netbook so I don't have to worry aout going back to my office.

Probably not much help... but there you go. :lol2


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