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What kind of music does everyone listen to?


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I know most people find my music offensive but I like to listen to metal. Lamb of God, Slipknot, Heaven Shall Burn, Mudvayne and others. Oh, and I'm not a devil worshiper as I have been called before for my music :smoker

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Guest tint51

1) Reggae

2) Rockabillity

3) old school Rap

4) Rock -- all types..

5) Country when in the mood...

6) some top 40..

7) techno

A little of most.. just depends on mood... :dunno

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Lamb of God, Pantera, Deftones!, System of a Down, Metallica (Kill'em through ...and Justice for All), Almost all classic rock. I stay away from top 40 for the most part. I understand the words to all my music just fine. Don't Understand people speaking English sometimes though.

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