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anybody heard of unifil?

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a rep came in today. film made in Korea. the 05 claims 56% TSER and 70% IR at 950nm cutoff. I installed a piece on his 98 TL and it looked damn good. film needed higher heat to shrink. but when I got to the last corner I got the trick down. what I was expecting was there to be discoloration on my first corner from having to overshrink it where I had a little goof up. but once installed there was no ghosting whatsoever. reflectance was low and the film was thick. they claim 1.5 mil, but they say others are not a true 1.5 mill. they say theirs is like .04 thicker but it feels like even more.

im skeptical but he left me some so imma do my own testings on it. pricing up to par with other manu's out there.

I cant find anything online about this film. its being delivered from fullerton

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Never heard of it here. Keep us posted on how it works out. Soo many different films around these days, its hard to keep up anymore.

I get 3 to 4 a month. I get binders, folders, letters and reps trying to sell me films I havnt even heard of and im in mississippi! :poke

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