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A great product for both personal and business


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It's not often that many products impress me, bu this one is great. It's made by Cradlepoint and what it does is it turns your 3G or 4G network stick into a portable wifi anywhere. This is a great product if you own an Itouch such as myself and don't want to upgrade to an Iphone. It also allows up to 16 computers to tap into it wirelessly. It it literally plug it in and go. Best part is, it has a built in rechargable battery so if you go biking or rollerblading , etc, you have wifi with you so you can stream music stations , etc. In otherwards YOU are a walking wifi.

If your a mobile tinter, this is a great way of taking the internet with you in a portable way. a $190 Itouch and a Cradlepoint300 for $150..under $300 plus a network stick of your choice from a local carrier and your up and running !

Just thought I'd share :D

Here's a link for the product :


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