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More Misinformation on F/G


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Guy has a home improvement showI listen to on the radio, he had a caller wanted to avoid fading of his new wood floors.

So, he was asking about window film, and the host of the show mentioned 3M and Hooper films (Huper, isn't it ?) He even spelled it as H O O P E R film.

He says best to go with the clear films they make, to prevent the sun damage to the wood floor, but you do not have it too dark in the room.

I know he is on in Dallas on Saturdays, and Houston as well.

Not sure if anyone here would want to call in and educate him on F/G film ?

His show is Texas Home Improvement with Jim Dutton.

His website is thipro.com

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Guest tintjam65

They do say we only retain about thirty percent of any presentation. Maybe that's all he can put back together from a phone to a more informative person?

Wood floors are finicky in terms of fade, some lighten, some darken, some can do this without ever seeing the sun and still other wood floors will lighten or darken from chemically interacting with a throw or area rug.

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