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98-02 Lotus Esprit

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Any picks of a custom wrap for [full clip]...Got a mint 98 and client whats lots more coverage than std dap offers....grill is tied into both frenders. hood is cake bumper is twisted...this one needs thought. Plus the rear three windows will require some magic!

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Try to do it like a Ferrari. Get some 60in film and lay it over the entire front end. Cut out the hood and bam! there's your fenders. If you don't cut the headlights out on that piece of film, you should have enough material to turn it sideways a bit and stretch it over the corner. The lower bumper doesn't look that bad. One piece for the upper, one for the lower, cut along the intakes and tuck them inside.

My last 2 installs were bulk and there's 3 more lined up. A guy I was looking to buy a car from last year wanted me to do his bumper and my name got passed through his car club. I'll trade you the Lotus for some wide body bumper with 20 intakes and a lip spoiler!

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