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HELP! Film wont stick!


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So about a week ago I tinted a 06 Grand Prix, when I put the back window on the film would NOT stick for the life of me in little spots along the defrost line, there is no dust or contamination in these spots and usually I Just turn on the defroster and it dries them right up, except his defroster didnt work. So I told him after 20 minutes of trying to push them out and them popping up, to just bring the car back in a week once it dried up and I'd mess with it some more. Well, car is back at my shop I tried heating them up from the outside and pushing them out and they stay down and pop right back up, he said it doesnt bother him but it really bothers me. I've never seen anything like it, I tried a relief cut on one of them along the defrost but it didnt help. Any ideas or should I just redo it and be a good tinter ;)

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Guest scottydosnntkno

if I ever get a spot like that, I just make a little knick in the end on the defroster line, push it down really hard, and its done :lol

what kinda film?

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