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Baby Rabbits


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Went out to the backyard, and there is a nest with baby rabbits in it.

Is it safe to let our Labrador into the yard with the baby bunnies out there ?

Is the Mom rabbit supposed to be with them continuosly ?

I have no clue on this, so anyone who can help me out, I would appreciate it !

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Guest 515tinter

as long as you and your dog dont actually touch the bunnies, should be ok. but if you leave any scent on the babies the mom will abandon them. I know from experience when I was younger I tried to keep one and the mom never came back for it

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Mom Rabbit is checking on them regularly, as the nest is covered each time we check on them !

Poor Puppy is VERY confused, not understanding why she can't go out to the backyard without the leash now !

They are probably 2 or 3 days old at this point.

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Guest Scottsfire

Tell the pooch to be patient, those rabbits are going to provide hours of entertainment in the backyard as mature adults........ha! Plus the reward will be larger!! ha ha

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