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Fingers down left hand side ???

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Hey guys ,

I get my film pre cut from my supplier and its good film I wont say who the supplier is.

but today I installed the first piece of film and had fingers all down the left hand side of the pane it was 36 inches x 54 inches so a normal bedroom sized window in alluminium frame , the hosue is 3 years old.

I called the supplier straight away then I did another window same size and same problem fingers down left hand side although I did manage to get these ones out but the first window there was no chance for a few of them and then from repeat tries they had small creases.

the supplier has been awesome they are sending out replacement film via express courier to me today.

im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before ? the supplier said its the first they have heard of it , and it was installed correctly, ive only had a few fingers on a hugeeeee window once before which I got out but this had 10 fingers to start with roughly per window then I got all out of one but the other had 2-3 that I could not get out.

the supplier said maybe the glass was not flat ? either way new film is on its way but just curious if anyone else has had problems before !?

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It sounds like there is more to the story. What kind of adhesive ? What kind of film ? What kind of slip,how much slip, are you cutting the said edge or is it a factory edge. How long have you been doing this

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