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Strange problem with 07 Lexus ES350


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Was doing one of these today. It appeared it had previously been tinted and stripped. They did a good job taking the old stuff off, minor glue remaining. I put on CS 35 all around. I got to my third door and noticed after I put the film on that there were horizontal lines in the film. It looked like smeard glue or somthing. It was all over the window. So I figured ok, maybe it is a bad roll. I looked over the other windows and could only find a little bit of the problem. But this window was aweful. I pulled the tint off and saw it was the window that had this pattern. I razored it and nothing. Tried chemicals. Nothing would take this pattern off. It basically looks like leftover glue on the window. So the best explanation we could come up with is that it has something to do with the Anti Fog they put on the Lexus. Anyone ever seen this before? Any ideas?

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Guest Mo Evo

I strip and retint Lexus's, or Lexi, all the time. Never come across that particular problem. Maybe when you originally lay the film on the prepped and wet back glass, the film picks up little bits of leftover adhesive from the defroster lines before you squeegee it down? I don't know! Guessing here...

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It was the L/R door. All of the doors had the problem just not as bad, hardly noticeable even. But this door was bad. Maybe they damaged the window when they removed the film? I don't know how because it isn't scratched but you can feel the lines. They feel raised rather than a scratch being embedded in the glass. Very weird. I've been tinting a long time and never came across this. I feel like it has something to do with the Lexus antifog. Anyone know anything about this process?

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Guest scottydosnntkno
I've never heard of this problem before, but it sounds like when they were cleaning the window, they scraped all the anti fog off, ecxept for the little lines You mentioned. Sorta like not getting all the glue off. :thumb

:thumb I always make sure I'm really careful when scraping the doors on lexus's. The antifog is a PITA

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