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NIce Commercial Frost Job

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New construction. Frosted the lower windows on the first floor all the way around the building (approx 800 sqft). I invested in a wheeled stool to save my knees. Did 80 windows in two 8 hr days. I definitely recommend pulling gaskets on frost commercial jobs. Definitely gives it a cleaner look and contamination is kept way down too.



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Trust me my back paid for over doing it on this job the next couple of days.....lol No pain no gain right? I got this job from a glass company I network with. He has a new strip club in cleveland he needs tinting done as well :thumb The owner of the club wants all the mirrors in the place to have frosted film over them :boogie and also some 70's psychedelic film he bought somewhere to be put up in the "private area"....should be interesting to say the least..lol

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