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Diamond Shield

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Any one know about them?


They sell the Avery Nano Fusion film. What about there patterns? Does anyone have expearance installing them?

Are they spot on patterns like XPel and Proform....??????

Any info would be helpful.



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:evilgrin I started doing installs for them yesterday. They almost exclusively do RV's and don't work on cars that much. I don't think they design their car patterns, but they do make them for RV's. Honestly, I don't even know their pricing since I just bought some film from Pro-tect and have some 3M left that I'm saving for 3M dealers. Regardless of their pricing, it's good to know when I'm in a pinch I can drive up the road and buy film. Give Joe a call @ 585-454-1950 and tell him Brian said to call.

You hit the nail on the head with Xpel and Proform being spot on. I don't think anybody is even a distant third place compared to them. I've been using 3M/Venture since I decided to scale back on PPF and am spending a lot more time trimming and stretching. Just did a Mini today that the film on the A pilar literally was an inch longer than it should have been and the hood was a nightmare. Proform's hood falls into place perfectly. The BMW I did last night wasn't any better. Some are spot on and others are like WTF. Ironically, I've been slammed since I decided to hang it up so I'm getting back on the DAP shortly. It pays for itself with fitment, time saved, and lack of headaches. If you're on the DAP, stay on it. You get what you pay for.

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