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What the hell people!!!

Guest Lee

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This good 'ole boy wanted his truck tinted. He is a Doctor of Veternarial Medicine (DVM), ok cool....here are some pictures of when I rolled it in.


The truck was covered in dirt, not dust, dirt from the dash to the rear window....it was gross....but it gets better.


He had his bed full of his mobile hospital supplies....so...the backwindow..was...fun....


This was the backseat....full of craaaaap, not to mention there were saws covered in dried blood and fur....damn near looked like torture tools, there were death guns or something for killing cows.....he took the .45 out before, but left all the ammo in the clips for us to find when we were cleaning. My helper found the cow impregnator...then started to dry heave... by far the dirtiest truck I have ever had the displeasure of tinting.

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Oh I have seen worse

I am wondering what he used the WD-40 for

Gotta get your hand up the cows va-jayjay some how

Good gawd I haven't heard that term in years :evilgrin Gotta shove it all the way up to the shoulder I guess

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