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Clio sport 3 door 2010

Devil with bad attitude

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Nice to do, not an easy one piece though, lovely fixed rear side lite, front doors ideally need door trim removal.

Not all that difficult.......once you get the trim off, the rubber slots out.

Tape up the vertical edges with masking tape to prevent felt contamination.

Speaker grille in the bottom of the big doors........prise out the black central part that allows the sound to come out and leave the chrome surround in place. Series of 4 screws in behind and 2 at the very bottom of the door.

The grab handle.........prise off the grey plastic cover and it exposes another 2 tork screws and that's it.


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Looks darker from here.

I think too

Well theres no film on the fronts! Have I tinted fronts with a 50% sometimes? , of course, but on that car its factory glass, I dont think it helps looking thro the glass to a dark brown building behind?

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