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Dry shrink bg verification


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Just was looking to get a quick varification. when you dry shrink do you need to have something under the film such as powder or the soap or dryer sheet with solution? these let the film slide while you shrink? im picking this stuff up as I go, did a malibu couple days ago and just anchored it and shrank. got a bunch of mini fingers in the middle of the film and creased it in a few places, it kinda felt like static electricty stuck the film down and I realized it must be mandatory to have some kind of slippery film like soap or powder under the film so itll sit right. correct?

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Guest scottydosnntkno
ill take that as yes its mandatory to have a slick film under the tint so it dosnt bind, thanks

you don't HAVE... too. as long as the glass is 100% dry, you can dry shrink with nothing on the glass. look up the ryk shrink, but be warned that its not for a beginner.

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Guest youngazntinter

if ur beginner, try dryer sheet.. or powder.. I've started with dryer sheets and that saved me a bunch. other than that, practice practice practice!

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