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Porsche 944

Guest Rama

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My luck ran out, never had to tint one of these b**ch cars, till today. Took me 2 hours for the back window, but got it in one piece. Relief cuts from hell though! Still hoping I never have to do the Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 dr.

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Guest Blade

Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 dr. is a cake-walk compared to the 944. Wish I could offer some advice on it. Oh, I can........Charge up the :ahole for them.

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I hear ya on that I got stuck doing one 4 door cutlass for a friend of mine and I olny charged him 150 damn I got beat friend or not ill never do another one again as far as the porshe I dont even do them in one I three piece it one in the middle two one the sides I can get away with it where I am dont know if you can but if you can keep it in mind I look at it like this our time is our money so I am not going to do a car that takes a few hours when I can do a few cars in a few hours

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Well, I kinda cheated a little....but it worked awesome, the guy loved it! It looked like it had been tinted before, was an old piece of crap. The paint around the edges was all breaking down, in bad shape. So.....I put 3/4 inch black striping tape all the way around the glass, on the inside. That's probably why I was able to 1 piece it. When I was done I said I won't touch another for under $250 for the back alone. Charged $250 for the whole thing. TOO CHEAP! See, I am not that great of a tinter after all! Just know when to pull the striping tape out!

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Pierce, I hear ya, its just kinda personal for me. I like to push myself, just to see if I can do it. As it is, I pulled in $1200 today on my own today in cars alone, from 8:30 to 5:00, figure thats ok profit wise. As far as getting away with a 3 piecer on a porsche, sure I can, but I did it in one for myself, not really the customer.

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I hear that about for your self that actualy how I got into one piece my old boss wouls doo every car in 2 or 3 strips and when I started doing it I said to myself I bet I can do this in one with a little bit of heat and I did it felt damn good too now I still try to out do myself but I draw the line on some things though unless im doing it for a friend and have the time to play with it and want to know the funny thing of this storry the old boss id em im pieces and still does he screwed me over with pay one to many times so I quit when I did he said youll never survive kid im the best ahhhh haaaaa get out of here with your piceing bull s**t he told a customer who came to me one day that an acura legend couldnt be done in one piece I told the guy ill do it half price if when im done you take it back to him show him and let him know who did it well worth the lost money

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