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headliner photos added via photobucket

Guest davidh

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Guest davidh

geeeze, I found the missing parts. . . . very self explanatory. I feel like an idiot but then again, im old and I deserve the opportunity to make a fool out of myself.

there are long metal strips that the headliner is glued on to, just as said by someone (thank you) and they are fastened to the upper rail with some long screws. I think that after the glues sets, they are unscrewed and the windlace is sliped on the screw brackets and its re-screwed to the upper rail using chrome screws that are visible in the door opening.

does that make sense ?

if anyone is interested, I will take pictures and post them as I assemble the material. . . . I will do it even if no one is interrested.

thanks for the replys guys. it always helps to have extra brains. . . . . .

davidh (the old guy)

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