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#1 By "TintJunkie"

Softening the PPF glue

I removed the PPF on my vehicle today and the glue left behind was hard, and impossible to get off. I needed to keep simple green on the adhesive to make if soft enough to get off the paint so I put paper towels on top of the glue and poured simple green on the paper towel to loosen up the adhesive. Worked great.


#2 By "Scottsfire"

Carpet Adhesive Roll, 101 Uses and counting

Here is technique I came up with after another TD user told me I needed to buy Carpet Shield to tuck film behind gaskets, being the newbie I am, I went to Home Depot and asked the salesman for Carpet Shield and the link below is what he sold me and what I bought. I obviously bought the wrong thing. Carpet Shield means different things to people..ha ha... BUT learned I could use this anyway in my installs TOO!

Link to example one

Link to example two

I'm not promoting either of these companies or prices but using as example.

Usage #1: Cover/stick a piece of this adhesive down on the back deck of cars that are tight to get into OR there might be a good chance you could goof/slip and touch the film to the back deck carpet. The adhesive on this carpet plastic is very light, just enough to do the job and not leave residue behind.

Usage #2: Gasket wedge and door protector. Pull the gasket back on high end cars using one of your tools and tuck one end carpet film behind the gasket (like the gasket tape method) pulling the gasket back and sticking it to the top of the door. Pulling tension on the carpet film towards the other end of the window, slide the gasket tool down the horizontal plane of the gasket while tucking the carpet shield down under the gasket. Then pull some tension on the carpet film, being carefull not to pull it hard enough to pull it out, you can now tuck your tint behind it....your adhesive side is stuck to the door isolating possible contaminants and acting as your gasket puller. This protects the door switches, fine leather and apolstry while helping you tuck film. The light adhesive on the carpet film is easily pulled off with no mess.

Usage #3 If you paint, spray or glue dot matrix, cover your possible "drip" area with the carpet film. Yea yea....your careful and don't ever drip, but why take the chance when it only takes to seconds to cut the appropriate length/piece and stick it. This is especially cheap material to use if your a dot matrix "spray painter" like seen in many of Stan Fosters DVD's. Note: The factory edge of this carpet film is stretchy, but if you have a good eye and steady hand you can even use it as tape line at your dot matrix to guide hand painting edges or spray painting edge.

Usage #4: Putting an windshield visor in? Cover/stick a length or piece on the front dash to keep alcohol based cleaning solutions, slip or other...from dripping onto your dashes or instrument panels. Therefore when your done you just roll up and throw away, no detailing the dash and wiping up your install drippings.

Usage #5: Are your pants clean? Before getting in that expensive leather car, stick this stuff to the seats in front. Knees dirty? Cut and stick a strip in the backseat where you typically kneal to instal the back glass film.

Usage #6: Nervous about scratching the car with your apron and tools inside while leaning over the exterior back glass and paint, when shrinking and cutting? Stick some film to the outside on the paint. Again, the light adhesive takes no time to pull off and provides a little extra paint protection.

Disclaimer: Most of you will think the above ideas might be over kill, and I'm sure it is for many but think about some of the high end vehicles you might want the extra protection. But a few of you might find one or two of the uses good to use. Like any tool in our industry, there can be many diverse uses, think outside the box.

Be creative, have fun, life is short so enjoy it to the fullest........

Scotty V

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Guest thatsnappyguy

# 2 is very informative, but #1 is more practical, it can be used in many different ways like on windows, removal of vehical graphics and such.

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