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OK no beatin' around the bush


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With so many threads asking what's a "fair" (what can I get away with) pay rate, I'd like some of the owners to have

an opportunity to brag (sort of) about how much their top guy(s) earn.

How much did your top dog earn in the last couple years?

Is it commission?

How long have they been with you?

What makes them worth that much more to you?

I haven't had employees since I moved 10 years ago, but here's how it was...

In the late 90's

My top dog (some of the time there was 2) made about 800/week PLUS 2% of the shop's

total tint sales. This was motivation for them to teach the newer guys (2 or 3 of them)

to be better and faster.

They were long term reliable and I could leave when I had to with no (or less) worries.

Remember this is not an indication of who's getting rich. It shows what a REAL top tinter

is worth to a good shop owner. :asshat:

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well when I worked for a company more than 5 years ago I was taking avg 800-1200 a week. that was hourly with commission. I never wanted to take full commission cuz was scared of bad winters. but it all balanced out cuz I made more than my crew mates in the winter but less in the summer.

my guys right now make up to about 800 cuz they arent fully on their own yet. when I trust them on a complete job they will make a lot more commission and I can venture into diff areas of new work

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You really want to know what Top Guns earn Kats? :lol2

You might get scared! :thumb

Oh, and before anyone goes on the High side.....we need photographic proof.... :music


Sure I wanna know! I am told all too often " well, you guys are the top paid in the industry".

I know I do OK, but surely some do better than me. I'm always broke! :asshat:

Thanks for your input, VIPster! :beer

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My helper takes home about $700/wk + good months I throw him some extra money. LOL I think he made more than me last year, since a few months I didn't get paid so him and others I had working for me could. This year should be much better and I hope he can get more consistent bonus money. It doesn't sound like a lot, but you'd be hard pressed to find many jobs that don't require a degree in this city for that much that aren't a call center or street pharmacist.

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Guest untouchable

I hope it is ok to say right out on the board, if not I guess it will get deleted. The last shop I worked for some one else was in vegas 2008 and I grossed just under 80grand. That was doing Tint and PPF. It is a high volume shop they were doing 25-30 tints a day out of the shop. We were expected to do 6 a day and I was the only one to do PPF, and it was mostly exotics so I was able to get a nice commission on that. But you were busting your ace all day. The thing that got to me was that I couldn't see how I would ever make any more. I hated the feeling of being maxed out on pay. That being said I did know of a couple tinters /PPF installers that did brake the 6 figure mark. This was when cars sales were through the roof, not sure if the biz is still out their to bring this kind of money for an installer.

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