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Got a new player in the store

Guest Lee

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Hey guys, this one is kind of for the FG guys. I purchased a van to help with our FG installs....it is easier then trying to load my malibu up with 60" film and all the stuff that goes with it. What are some of the things that you recommend I have in the van besides the normal things I can think of.



Paper Towels

Install squeegies and hard cards, yadda yadda

heat gun

50' ext cord

warranty information

let me know, normally I just load up and go install then get a check and im out, trying to take FG more seriously since it is new in this area.

Ill post pictures of the van after we get done with it....under the knife right now.

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You need to carry 2 or more of almost every tool. Extra braided hose, extra tanks, extra sprayers and parts, extra tarps (moving blankets), lots of shamwows, extra unger handles, tape measures....and on and on. There is nothing worse than having a sprayer problem, or nicking a squegee with no back-ups.

I would also keep a compressor in the van.

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Two or three of everything possible should cover it. The biggest problem I run into is how to stack the boxes of film. I will always have the "staples" on the truck so if we get a call to do a 911 call for a custy, I dont need to go back to the shop to reload.

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Allen wrenches and #2 and #3 Phillips with big handle for Store Front Commercial Door push bar removals.

Tools for removing blinds like 1/4 Hex Driver with long extension to run in Cordless.

I even carry a janitor's water shut-off key for accessing secured hose bibs that have no handle. Plus 4' piece of garden hose.

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