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Guest Scottsfire

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Guest Scottsfire

Have any of you used the Ergodyne apron? Link below.

Link 1

Would like the good bad or ugly on this apron from those of you who have used it, are using it or bought it and no longer use it.

Was going to order it but decided to ask you guys first.


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Guest scottydosnntkno
I got one a few months back and love it. The thing that makes it nice is the pockets open wider then most others so its easier to get stuff out.

shadys have gusseted pockets on them too.

I've had mine for like two years and its just now starting to show some wear, but I don't take the best care of it :phone

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I'm sure shady has a superior product. The ones I like come from h depo. I believe they are finish carpenter bags. There is no metal or hard buckles to scratch anything. The biggest pita for me is the 5 way is always sticking me in the side or falling out. My tool biach prblly has to pick it up for me 30 times a day

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