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Solar power emails...


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The Simpsons - Marge vs. the Monorail..

Mono meaing one and rail meaning rail.

"Solar power - when will people learn???" - Power company employee


Has anyone been getting spam emails trying to sell solar power lately?!?!? Is that the new fad? I haven't even read one all the way thru, but I get a few a day now.. to just about all my email accounts.

What is that about?!?!

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Na.. this is the email:

Subject re: here is my personal phone number

Hi, my private phone number is 541-292-5210 - feel free to call me anytime.

I can find you the lowest pricing on the newest Solar Panels available.

Worldwide Equipment and our State of Oregon collects no sales tax.

Thank you - I won't disappoint.


Have no idea who this 'person' is or anything... never requested info. But like I said - I get it in a couple of my email accounts several times a week.

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Guest Scottsfire

When it comes to solar panels do your research and read the fine print. Have heard many horror stories about people being sold one thing and getting results far from what was promised.


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