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Automotive Tinter Needed in Northwest Ohio

Guest kustomtint

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Guest kustomtint

Hello I am new to this forum, I have been reading alot of post on here trying to absorb all the info I can on new films, different ways of tinting and other usefull information that comes from here.

I own are Automotive Accessories shop in Lima, Ohio

We do everything from Audio/Video, security, custom enclosures, to wheels and tires, window tint, led/neon lighting, to full custom upholstry interiors.

I can tint vehicles good but running the shop and trying to keep everything on track and install too its hard for me to stop and concentrate on doing the window tinting.

Our tinter who I have had for the last year has just moved and im left having to tint the vehicles which I have turned down alot of work because I only have time for one car a day on top of all my other work and trying to be boss too.

I am looking for someone who just wants to tint. If you would like to do some of our other work when not tinting that would be a plus.

I have 4 other employees that do all the custom stuff and one other who does all the upholstry so I mainly need just a good tinter.

You dont have to have any experience in the other work just window tint. especially rear windows. I have had many tinters come and go because they cant tint a rear window. and some could barley do a good job tinting side ones.

I will pay per vehicle and you can decide on how many you want to do a day, and I will make sure you have all the work you need to stay busy. I will also offer more pay if the work done is making the shop more money. so your not set on your price per vehicle. I pay extra if I make extra. You will be doing the shop a great favor by us allowing to still offer window tint. Any you will be paid for your skill that none of my ther guys can do. each one of my guys have a skill that sets them apart from the others and yours as well.

My shop is over 10,000 sq feet and I have a bay dedicated just to window tint. and you wont have to worry about being bothered or have people in and out creating dust in your work area.

Working for me, I will supply you with all the tint tools you need. Im a good believer in having the right tool for the right job, so if there is a tool that helps you get a certain part done I will purchase it. I will also allow you to choose the film of your choice that works best for you. I have tried many different types of film and some work better then others for me but maybe not for you.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our jobs and your responsible for any mistakes made by your when tinting.

example: dirt in the tint, creases left, or tint cut too short.

If the defect is not your fault but still needs redone you will be paid for the work.

I am really looking for someone who loves to tint and doesnt just know how or do it as a hobby. I want someone who takes pride in there work and will throw away a piece of tint that cost a few $ and make sure the tint is right. Im not a shop out there trying to make every penny I can and cut any corners. we are a custom shop and I want my tint jobs to be treated like custom work.

Window tint is a skill and a trade. Not something the average joe can just pick up and go with it. Im not looking for someone who has to have 10+ years under thier belt. (although that would be a great plus lol) Just someone who is good and takes pride in thier work. I myself am not the best tinter around but for my years in it I would say I better then the average guy who had done a few cars.

If this seems like you and if my benefits will work for you then please let me know.

I am needing a tinter ASAP but will not take the first person that just walks in the door.

Please contact me by email or phone, as I wont make it to this site enough to check up on it right away.




Wicked Kustomz

216 S. Greenlawn Ave.

Elida, Ohio 45807



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