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What do what to do...

Guest Lee

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Alright so I went out to bid this job, there was plywood where the glass should be. The told me there was a wall back there but it is temporary and will be torn down prior to me coming out. I bid the job, got it, and got my stuff together. I go out there and talk to the manager and she informed me that the wall is now a permanent structure...ok lets go take a look:


well that looks nice....




Well thats all effed up now.....well there goes this job.

I talked to the manager and said that if she wanted me to do the job, one way mirror to cover the wall behind, that she would have to get someone to pull the glass, set it up in a vacant room for me, and then I will tint it. well she needed to get it done so...she did!



Well live and learn, now I will know that I cant take anyones word for what is "going to happen".

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