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Hello cancer...........


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My wife just found out she has stage 2 breast cancer ( she's only 42).

A few prayers would be nice over the next year while she kicks it's ass.

her name is Terrie.

Luckily ( can you say, GOD?) she got a job with the school district in November so GOOD

insurance is already in place. :gasp

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Hey I beat KIdney Cancer Last month! Tell her to never give in to the pain or sadness, stay positive. I have no doubt she will beat it. You caught it early thank goodness. Just make sure you go to the Cancer hospital in your area. After all, thats all they do all day everyday. BTW, glad your insurance is in place. My total bills medical bills including the surgery came to almost $58,000.00 and all we had to pay out of pocket was $1500 of it. My prayers for both of you.


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