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ShatterGARD Introduces "Peel and Stick" VehicleGARD Security


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ShatterGARD Introduces Easy to Install "Peel and Stick" VehicleGARD Security

April 30, 2010 (MMD Newswire)


And now for the first time, VehicleGARD is readily available for law enforcement vehicles. VehicleGARD's virtually impenetrable glass protection film defends sector and undercover vehicles against terrorism, riot situations and random violence by shielding ordinary glass windows with a cost effective invisible coat of armor....

...The customized security window film is supplied in kit form, which includes an instructional video and application tools ensuring a proper fit even for a novice. VehicleGARD provides similar protection to ballistic glass at a fraction of the cost.


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From their website..... "ShatterGARD window films will only perform to specification if the installation is carried out by an expert installer. Unlike the inexperienced neighborhood window tinter, ShatterGARD technicians must undergo many hours of specialized training to install our security and safety films."

How 'bout dem apples? :twocents


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Also worthy of note is that all the jobs come out flawless and approximately 18 to 23 cars a day can be done by a single installer with no assist on the prep while also answering the phones and assisting customers.

In other words pretty much just like tinting.

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