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99 Dodge Viper GTS


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Hey saw a few posts about this car but wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into when I got a phone call about doing one, so I did one last night and heres some things to watch out for if you guys do one. The rear strut that lifts the back glass I had to use a locking pair of channel locks because it wouldn't stay open, and when your putting the film on tuck behind the struts on each side before squeeging out because it doesnt leave you much room. The heat wasnt too bad I wet shrank it and left a few fingers on the side until I did my final cut and then worked on those and it came out great, not much room to get inside the car but u can frankenstein the film up onto the glass and its really not bad. Reminded me alot of Trans ams, corvettes with that wicked curve on the edge, except this one took me a little longer than usual to heat. The side windows were frameless on top and front side, so it was cut heat and stick it wasnt bad at all, really clean install. Overall a pretty easy car, just take your time with it! Good luck hope this helps! Thought I'd mention, the kid was a 21 year old kid and the car was supercharged and modded out, either a rich dad or I need to start tinting ALOT more windows lol :dunnoviper2.jpg


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