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tip for gasket back windows

Guest GreenCove

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Guest GreenCove

when doing a gasket back glass like a 94 ford f150...you trim it on the outside and trim some of the gasket back on the inside..you set the film on the inside and see where it is trimmed a lil. too big...instead of over lapping the film and trimming the film, just leave the film where its at and trim the gasket back some pulling out what you trimmed with your olfa as fast as you can then the film will lay flat...this will make it turn out much cleaner than over lapping and cutting the film letting trash come out of the gasket and under the film......or the other option would be to trim it right the first time :lol

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Guest tintjam65

These type windows call for slightly larger trim and gasket guttering to hide light leaks, yes.

But I personally found it best for me to trim outside by doing part of one vertical and one horizontal, then sliding the film a little toward the trimmed edges, finish trimming the other vertical and horizontal, and modify after install (only two opposing corners diagonal from each other will need attention). :lol

Trim the rubber and pull it to let the film flop in place did not work for this tinter. Glad it does for you. thumb.gif

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Guest GreenCove


Rope in.


def. the best way to get a gap free clean job....unless you got the skillz to do it without pulling glass thumb.gif

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Well I've seen some nasty old gaskets the you might want to through in Luck/prayer along with aforementioned skill.

BTW has Catholic Church denoted an official Patron Saint of/for the tint installer?

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