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#1 By "DGr33n"

Don't toss your old squeegees

Well like I said in another post I would share some of the things I learned from training that may be new. The guy that started training me had his blue maxx out and was showing me how rough the edges were from normal wear. He then took a wood planer, put it in the vice and ran the blue maxx over it. It shaved a piece off that was paper thin and the squeegee looked new again. I know theyre not too expensive but why buy a new one if you don't have to? I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned anything like this before so I apologize if they have! I can't find a picture of one similar to the one he used but it seemed older if anyone knows what I'm talking about

#2 By "Roach"

'Advertise with Pizza shops for FG?

I went to the local pizza joint for lunch... was talking with one of the owners. I asked about putting a flyer on top of the pizza box... she said they can't really do that, but what Comcast did was contact the pizza box maker and had their ad printed right on the box. She said that's an option... Of course, I have no idea how much $$ that would be, or what the quantity would need to be..

So then she said if I wanted, I could print up some flyers and they would put them in the bags of the food orders.

Anyone ever try anything like that???

I've thought about the pizza box idea before for down the shore areas... since I'm not really sure how to target those since many of the homes are rentals and I don't know how to find out who is a resident and who is just someone that lives someplace else and rents out the house...

(If anyone has any ideas for that one please let me know! :lol )

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Guest Lee

I do that with Little Caesars, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, also drop in ads for Sonic and Arby's into the bags of food. I have a little section in the local hardware stores that is just a little information center, but the brochures come back to my business. Almost everytown has a public broadcasting stations and for $1/day you can get a slide in their slideshow, local theaters before the movies have a slide reel they advertise on (expensive). Free ads like craigslist, website, merchant circle....endless. Go find out who the franchise owners are and offer to do a few windows in their house for ads for the summer or something.

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