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Guest Pro-tectFilmMelissa

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Guest Pro-tectFilmMelissa

Ok everyone where are the posts about the NANO film? All of the NANO film samples I have sent out. I know you guys are all trying to keep this film to yourselves now that you have had a chance to use it and see that it is just as amazing as you had heard it was.

I would love to hear some feedback from people who have actually tried the film, please do not comment if you are just trying to be mean and you have not even received a sample of the film, thanks.

Happy Installing and Happy Monday :spit

P.S. David you know I am not talking about you! I think sometimes you are employed by us. You do such an awesome job for us!

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well....my sample was stolen from me by my boss for his location. I still haven't been able to try any yet but he had nothing but good things to say about it. the installers down there loved it. :spit

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Just did a full hood on a Mini today. The salesman didn't believe it was on the car until I showed him the edge. Also did a jet black (no metallic) 3 series on Sat. and the guy never thought film could look that good...having a white X5 with yellow film and a poor install from a hack also helped. I'm redoing that one in a few weeks.

As far as how it installs, nothing comes close. I had a piece of dust in the center of the BMW's hood I discovered after I put it down. All I did was lift the film up, pick it out, and put it down again. NO LIFT LINES OR DISTORTIONS!!! You can stretch the crap out of the film and not distort it. I've laid down some nasty fingers with no distortions also. There's been no issues with not sticking like with the old Avery.

I'm still going to use 3M since I get a lot of requests for it and have 3M set up in a few dealerships, but this is the film I'm using for the majority of my installs. It's going to be interesting to see how other companies respond to this. I call things like it is and this is by far the best film out right now.

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Guest Pro-tectFilmMelissa
well....my sample was stolen from me by my boss for his location. I still haven't been able to try any yet but he had nothing but good things to say about it. the installers down there loved it. :coffee

I am getting you out another one today. I feel bad you did not get a chance to try it yourself!

Take care and talk to you soon!

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Guest Pro-tectFilmMelissa
I put my sample on a black Lexus LS460. Looked great and worked great! The NANO is a very nice product.

Thanks Melissa!


You are very welcome! Look forward to talking to you soon!

Happy Installing thumb.gif

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Guest Sidewinder

Looks and sounds interesting. I looked at the site the other day. For the warranty the site mentions that labor is included but the card says otherwise - or so it seems.

If Avery Dennison determines that the Product has been damaged due to

failure to follow Avery Dennison’s application or recommended maintenance procedures, Avery Dennison

WILL NOT reimburse the authorized Avery Dennison installer. Avery Dennison’s sole obligation under this

warranty shall be the replacement of the defective film, and in no event shall Avery Dennison’s liability

exceed the purchase price of the film.

Sounds like some major limitations if you ask me.

A lifetime warranty may be a plus in the mind of the consumer, but it is a major negative for the installer, especially given the language of we may not back our product at all leaving you on the hook. Sorry if it is cynical, but all film manufactures HAVE to back the product in full. That means if the product fails - ie turns yellow or a dull gray - the company that manufactured the product in the first place should take care of the removal, reproduction of the patterned kit as applicable, the necessary material, and re-application. Anything less is not a warranty.

If I didn't manufacture the material why should I have any warranty exposure at all?

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