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Novomatrix, a leader in branding, marketing and the distribution of high-technology performance window films catering to the premium segment of the automotive aftermarket and architectural applications for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

:lol I thought that leader in branding and marketing is DARTZ :lol

Seems Solutia have no ca$h enough to buy DARTZ :lol:embar

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Watch out Leo, they'll be buying you up next. Hide the whale pen!s leather! :embar

VC - what will happen when there will be two big companies?

They will cheat tinters under 18746556586 of brands - and tinters will discuss here "Wooow, this films is good, this is bad".

And old, fat and greedy capitalism will just share ca$h knowing nothing about business he own :lol


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Hide the whale pen!s leather! :embar


next seats is under Yeltsin's ass :lol


B2G - the most funny from that - EVERYTING IS TRUE :lol

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Goodle today: Yeltsin airplane and post here pictures of seats.

Tomorrow I will make this seats picture at factory near the car :lol

We just bought his airplane - we are not greedy capitalists.


Solutia pick up ca$h - let's discuss how is this word MA??? :lol

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