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2 front pricing

Guest hooksetter

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Guest hooksetter

Im curious of what most charge for 2 fronts.....

Dont want to know what film you use or what city you are in... Just curious where I am with my prices. Keep the B.S to yourself. Reality is what you get and what you average. Not what you want to get or what you want other shops to think you get.

Most 2 front jobs I get ---

On larger two front jobs like a mini van I will get ---

I know different parts of the country bring different value to the job depending on competition, etc etc.

Basically if I was going to do 2 front on a 2010 F-150 right now I would charge ---

Also what do you try and charge for a front strip? Do you charge less on a car where you get the strip left over from a rear window?

Do you charge more when you have to cut a front strip from a roll?


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Guest filmslayer

to me it dont ! but if a custy reads on here that someone does it for X and you are trying to get Xx2 , makes it harder to explain :thumb and its TD's rules ....

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Guest Lee

I charge them in Gasoline, Ill siphon it out and put it in my inground tanks.....don't post a monitary value on here, because in the future if you want to raise your prices and someone does a search, they will see you were doing it for cheaper.

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whatever pricing you posted, I'm sure I get more :zzz

:lol:thumb I saw the price, I was going to edit it bu had to leaver to do 2 sets of doors ironically when reading this.

Yeah, the price that was posted, I wouldn't get out of bed to do it for that. I' m almost double to what was posted and my price is right in line with the competition ..some are a bit less, some a bit more , but nothing that cheap thank God :zzz

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