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Tint Shop in oregon looking for help

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Tintdude, My name is Tommy Saenz.I own a local company in Portland,Oregon

called Tommy's Window Tinting, I've been in the film industry for 22 Year,s

have worked in California,& AZ ,I moved to Portland in 1995 to work for Nike

and short time after found that my heart was still into tinting, and not being

stuck in an office 12hour's a day. I'm looking for help. I just cannot find

any tinter's in the local area that haven't been taken by local company's that

have been here longer then mine. My company is know 7 year's old and I'm 35

year's old and just need help, I'm very tired of working all day & all night

to keep up with my customer's. I have a really good rep in town and wonderful

cusomer's that keep on coming back time & time again with new car's all the

time, I have 10 Big Dealership account's that keep Me busy year round,My

buisness is growing but I can,t keep up with the demand that everyone put's on

Me ! My wife to be is even working for Me answering the phone's and learning

more & more about window tinting every day, but her help only lesson's the

blow,she help's by answering question's and is a good repsentation of my

company and to say she put's up with alot at time's, notjust Me ! ,but

customer's to . People in portland are to say the least diffrent,but once they

find a good person to do quality work they tell everybody.( My spelling is

really sh***y so forgive ME) Anyway I've looked at the responce that you get

on you web site and it look's to me that you my know someone someware that can

point me in the right directtion. check out My website when you get some time



Here's My info: Tommy Saenz/ Owner

Company/ Tommy's Window Tinting

E-mail; tommyswindowtinting@comcast.net

Exp; 22Years


Shop # 503-891-TINT(8468 Or 503-963-8468


Really looking for good proffesional help for busssssy tint shop!!!

Once again I look forward to speaking with you ,if you want to ,Or just E-mail

Me. By the way I'm getting ready to buy a computercut system from Denver

England the rep for Solargard Film's in hope the it will help with some of my

problem's in finding good Help. I'm flying to California to a friend's shop

that has had this program for 2 year's and like's it alot. So I'll give it a

try,it can't hurt any thing, Well once again hopfuly we can chat soon I would

really appreciate any help that You can give.Thank's

Sincerly, Tommy Saenz

Tommy's Window Tinting

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Guest cctint

Hey tommy, just curious about your website. You say you have 22 years experience but your only 35 years old,did you start tinting when you were 13? By the way thats a nice web site.

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Guest thetintshop

exactly. I started when I was 14. I was painting cars when I was 12 and started prep sanding when I was 8. just depends on if you were raised in a family of small business owners.

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry

I met this cat from AZ a few years back...he started tinting when he was 12. He was able to do those stupid Dodge Neon when they first came out in either 18 mins or 28 mins...I can't remember. And no he wasn't doing the Neons when he was 12. Almost made me wanna start doing cars again.....ALMOST. :lol

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Guest Sprinter

my son's been the summer helper since he was 10 doing detailing and more and more tinting. I got a complete door thats on a stand and my daughter grabs me and says she want's to learn how to tint it, it's a roll up w/crank and a 1/4 glass she was 9 when this was happing after about 1/2 hour and thinking every step through she could tint those 2 window with just a few specks. I had to keep reminding her that the thing in her hand is very sharpe and we did'nt need to see the emergency room today.

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