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Guest tintsurfer

we hired a photo student to do our wedding, she ended up taking pics of everyone, she was inexpensive and they turned out great. It was great for her lots of jobs and experience for her :idea

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry


I'm actually a beginner myself and the classes I want to take don't fit into my tinting schedule. But, the fastest and best way to learn photoshoppin' is to take digital P**n pics and put your friends in them. :idea

Will she be taking general photo classes or specifically film or digital?To be serious, have her start taking pics of your cars and flat glass work for possible marketing lit. By critiqing her shots, you can help her progress while benefiting from it yourself. And thank you for the periods. :idea

TS, I swear your avatar can pass for TD's boss. :idea:lol

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