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Guest cybercommrocks

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Guest cybercommrocks

:lol Small business owners across the country have been perplexed by the whole advertising scheme. One thing for sure is that once you find a way to advertise that works hang on to it. Sadly most ad venues are designed in such a way that you can blow a bunch of money using them and once you spend it it's gone.

The key to effective advertising is to be in front of the people when they need you but how do you do that? Buy an ad in the yellow pages? Yeah that can work as long as your competitors haven't outspent you. Usually those calls are good for the junk calls the people who want it done for free. Radio and tv are effective if you have a few grand set aside and you hit your demographics.

Another way is through the net and if done right can be very effective. Just don't make the mistake of spending a bunch of money with a web designer if he or she has no way of bringing you traffic. Most web designers are great at making you look good but are clueless on getting you in front of your buyers when they are ready. Listen If you want highly effective exposure that translates into income I can help you.

If you work with me and I don't produce I will give you back your money. When was the last time anybody in marketing or advertising made you that promise? I suspect never. Give me a try or atleast get all the info.

Drop me an e-mail ****** With guaranteed results in the subject line. I also need to know what city you do business in.


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