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Yell.com search changes

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-Posted this topic on the Shop Owners forum but its probably more relevant here -

Have you checked your entry in Yell.com recently?

In the past we have done very well with Yell.com. but last week Yell changed the way searches are made and it might effect your business.

I reguarly check Yell.com for window tinting for our area as we have 3 tint shops and I want to know each sites Yell.com performance figures, Normally there is only 3-5 result per site apart from ourselves.

Last week I checked window tinting and I get 103 companies listed including Garage services, Car Dealers, Double glazing, MOT stations, window cleaners, SMART Repairs Valeters and many others none of them related to our category. I spend a lot of money with Yell.com (over £3.5 k pa). so I expect results to be accurate and specific to my business.

I also checked Automotive Window Tinting, its a category offered on Yells own drop menu, my first page had no window tinting companies, it was full of double glazing companies, and we come in at number 38. (Who looks on page 4 of any search engine)

Now I can think of many reasons how this will effect my business and yours so I am not going to teach you to suck eggs and list them.

I spoke to my Yell.com rep and he agrees with me and he has made an official complaint and so did his senior manager at Yell HQ, who I finally managed to spoke to, neither of them was aware of the changes before I told them (She even gave me 10% off my Yell.com bill when I said Touch Local had been in touch).

Now I think we window tinters offer a very specialist service and many people contact us because they have a specific need and thats why I use Yell.com because our customer can search our specific categories and get an accurate result. Its not like google where it is far more random in its results.

This winter is going to be long & hard for everyone and we cant afford to loose any sales leads.

So if you think these changes will effect you complain to Yell. It might pay off.


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