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The Best Tool for Closing the Job

Guest Darknesswithin

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Guest Darknesswithin

Here lately things have been getting out of control in my area when it comes to closing the deal, seems competition is going to extreme measures to get the work.

We all have to find the best way to get our message across to the customer thats sitting on the other side of the table during an estimate call, what do you think about when the customer starts comparing another competitor's price and product with yours? whats your reaction to something that you know in your heart is positively false that the competitor is claiming on there products and performance?

For you guys out there thats not a big corporation and you pretty much feel like your at the end of your ropes on trying to be successful on closing the deal or not because of competing with big name competitors with fancy company cars, high tech heat lamp kits, and "big words" they try to put in the customers head... well about 2 weeks ago a potential customer calls me to come and do an estimate "Now" ,, good thing for me I was in the area because this couple was hot on the idea of tint but was confused about the product that was just presented to them so I hurried over to see them..

I get inside and begin the process of closing the deal, I was hit alot of questions very quickly from both sides, after they stopped telling me what they where just told from my competitor I had to figure out my approach fast because these folks have been LIED to very badly...

Here's what has been working for me with FLYING COLORS,,

First off! know your products without having to look at the sample sheets your showing the customer, always keep eye to eye contact while talking about yourself or products, (do Not look around, side to side or anything)

Never talk down a competitors work or product no matter how bad you want to, instead talk about the "product" as if it's a good choice and Never mention the competitors name while talking about the product, ( it helps to be knowledgeable about the product ) ,,, ( I am thumb.gif )

Here's the best part ALWAYS believe in yourself and product and Speak truthfully, Never Lie to get the job.

And LAST but not Least ALWAYS bring your LAPTOP when doing sales! it allows you to be able to SHOW them the Truth!

On this particular estimate call it was necessary for this tool, after showing them the competitors product website they knew right away the last guy was telling some BIG lies about several key points of value on the film.

I have been getting every single sale here lately on flat glass because of knowing my products and my competitors products also its been helping by having my laptop with me because its been the best tool lately.

Hope this helps others, I just wanted to share this with you guys beer.gif

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also after the presentation and estimate is left if you can get a conversation going about something other than tint which interest them . Like football or knowing someone or subject they know . They will always buy off someone who consider a friend opposed to a cold sales person .

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There is only ONE film that I will point out how and why its inferior, and only b/c its so easy to do. I am absolutely trashing the product, but doing in a way to make the customer feel I am looking out for their best interest (which I am).

Which film has that honor? just curious.

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