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Ultimate Spray bottle test

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After Picking up a new Kwazar Mercury Pro sprayer today I decided to see how it compared to some of the other sprayers I had laying around. If you don't know about the Kwazar let me give you a little insight. It has a special design pump that sprays twice on one squeeze, once when you squeeze and once when you release. I thought this would really save my wrist from all the spraying I do in a day. On to the test!

The competitors.

1. Standard chemical resistant sprayer from my detailing supplier. $1.00

2. Old style Spraymaster $5.50

3. New style Spraymaster $5.59

4. ZEP professional sprayer from Home Depot $3.69 ... they have a new version similar to the new Spraymaster sprayer that I didn't have for this test.

5. Kwazar Mercury pro $16.99...... $21 including shipping


Each bottle was filled with 24 ounces of water of the same temperature with the same amount of blue slip solution added. They each had the strainer attached to the pick-up tube.



The first test was 5 pumps with the nozzle set to a fine mist like I would use for normal tinting. I tried to make sure all the sprayers were spraying about the same pattern to make it fair.

1st Zep

2nd Spraymaster old

3rd Spraymaster new

4th tie Standard and Kwazar


The Next test was 5 pumps again with the nozzle out as far as it would go with out leaking around the back side.

1st Zep

2nd Spraymaster old

3rd Spraymaster new

4th tie Standard and Kwazar


The final test was to see how many pumps it would take to fill the 3 ounce cup. This test ended up being a little unreliable because the slip solution would foam up so the cup wasn't actually all the way full after the foam settled. So I cleaned out all the slip solution and used just water for this test.

1st Zep .......................28 pumps

2nd Spraymaster old .....31 pumps

3rd Spraymaster new... .37 pumps

4th Kwazar ..................64 pumps

5th Standard................70 pumps


My thoughts are that you can't go wrong with the old Zep or spraymaster sprayers. The new Spraymasters fail to impress me and they don't seem to be as comfortable in my hand as the old sprayer. As for the Kwazar sprayer, save your money! I'm probably going to send mine back.

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The real test is which one remains working in a week or two.

I can tell you the Zep sprayer and the old Spraymaster are 3+ years old but have only been used for tint solution. The cheap-o red sprayers are good for solvent based cleaners and dressings because when they go bad in a month or two, you can toss them and not feel so bad about it. I've never tried high volume sprayers with harsh chemicals.... maybe someone else can give some input on that.

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this is what I have been using for awhile now...works great for tint and PPF ...AND is does spray in any direction and upside down like is states. :thumb

Ooooohhhh... where do you get those? I wouldn't mind getting one to try and maybe test against the others.

Edit.... I see it on the ace page in the background... :thumb

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The new spraymasters suck ass. Seems to me the company that makes them never tried them out, or compared them to the old ones. I wish I had bought all the old ones my dist had when I had the chance...but, they still have the knock-offs in white that work great.

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