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PITA 2004 Grand Prix BG


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As the title says, I am having some issues with the BG on this thing...

For starters, the top of the window does not have a Matrix but THICK defroster lines with come down probably a good 6 inches and the tint does NOT want to stick at all...Am I better off hang drying the tint in that area and then pushing it up, (tried this and did not seem to work), apply glue, or just cut that area off and apply vinyl over the lines? At this point, thinking about going the vinyl route.

Now, the rest of the problems...

After I make my H pattern, I start shrinking the bottom a 1/4 at a time and start from the middle and work my way to the sides...But once I am about half way to the bottom edge, when I start to smooth out the tint after shrinking tint, I get this like horizontal wrinkle all the way across and when I get to the bottom edge, it ends up turning into a crease because there is no where to push this wrinkle to...To see what I mean exactly, go to this thread and look at the 3rd picture down - http://www.tintdude.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60408

I do not get those horizontal lines until I start shrinking and then start smoothing down the tint.

I have no issue with the top edge shrinking.

Obviously the bottom edge does not lay on the glass when trying to install then either...

Seems like an easy back window but it s kicking my a$$!

Oh yeah, I am using EWF True Grey.

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The first time, I got the horizontal wrinkle very close to the bottom and then went to put it inside and it was good EXCEPT for the very bottom edge, even though I had no fingers, it would not lay flat. The last 1-2" near the bottom of the glass in the 2 corners wanted to like curl back for some reason...

Then, after I was not happy with that, I redid it twice and each of those times that horizontal line caused it too crease near the bottom.

It's like I can shrink it fine until the very end and it seems like there just ends up being too MUCH to shrink in too small of an area...

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This is the video I followed pretty much to a T, and in the video when he smooths down with his squeegee, it ends up creating those horizontal lines instead of just laying perfectly flat, and I am not putting much pressure down so I don't know why it's happening.

Also, don't know if it matters, I am using baby powder on the glass.

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I really need to find my cord to charge my digi camcorder so I can post a video and you guys can critique what I am doing?

I know the first thing critiqued will be my $7.99 heat gun from harbor freight....(However, I have not had any issues with it thus far, but plan on going with the red milwaukee soon).

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I thought it would maybe be easier and more even if I did it all the way across at once too, I used an H anchor and then went all the way across as I shrunk, and I still had the same issue so maybe its like you said and maybe that caused the horizontal wrinkles because I was just over shrinking it?

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