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Need a good quality auto film

Guest EliteSoundskc

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Guest EliteSoundskc

I am looking into getting another couple lines besides the suntek carbon that i use the shiznit out of. I am looking for some advice and feedback on what films people have used and why they like them so much. I have used Suntek's carbon for some time now. I want a film i can put on people cars and not worry about them bringing it back 2yrs down the road. Im in the KC area so if you know of any good distributors in the area let me know. thanks

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Guest Darknesswithin

if you like the Carbon,,, :thumb why not try out the CarbonXp ???

your asking for advice on films we like,, you want to know about NR films only? or all? because you only mentioned one product in your inquiry

you know metalized films are Not the same right? and should Not be compaired in the same category, nothing about them will be the same!

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Guest EliteSoundskc

yes i know there is a difference in dyed and matalized. I use the carbon becuase i can match most factory and use it on all other cars/trucks. I just wanna see what some other options out there and if im taking it in the rear on my price and quality. I am always looking for a film that is a easy shrink. Yes, I have done some research on other films. You can never have to many opinions. Whats the carbon xp. Have not even seen it.

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