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#1 By "LEO'n'DARTZ"

Ferrari 458 Italia

White 3Dpearl and Black WhaleSkinWrap.

Nano-tungsteen tint.


#2 By "General Sun Shield"

Side Lites , NRM Matte , Yellow , Green , Blue and Red Graphic Film Hand Cut.


#3 By "Darknesswithin"

mighty Ford Ranger with SunTek Carbon xp 35/18


#4 By "c5golfguy"

Did this round-bout today.

Had to R/R the film off the round-bout and the curved windows inside and outside. The prior tint job was horrible... peeling in the corners and the film had been scratched to hell and back.


#5 By "Retnitorp"

Frost film and some white film.


#6 By "kats2112"

"platform shoes"


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Guest Darknesswithin

its all good,, I know the mighty Ranger had No chance.. I was just posting to be posting :lol2

I voted #4 too,, I like Kats though , and the wrap by Dartz was killer :thumb ...

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Guest Pacific Islander

Hey Katz...

Please attend some OSHA safety seminars. As a concerned "partner" in our industry, no window is worth doing if it endangers your life.

This is no joke...SAFETY FIRST always. We have a very serious rule about safety in our company...if a manager puts the health and safety at risk of their staff, automatic dismisal. We deal with the U.S military, Fed. Govt and local Govt., they are not lenient to any company which puts lives at risk.

I would also recommend not posting pics which can be used against you in a court of law. Besides that;

1. The picture shown is an example of what NOT to do yet it also provides the uneducated to follow what you just did

2. I'm sure your loved ones would not like to see you in harmsway expecially when it can be prevented

Please know, I mean absolutely no disrepsect to you in anyway, I'm just a concerned "partner" of yours in "our" industry. Please think *Safety First always.

Kind regards,

Pac. Islander

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