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TESTS EN 12 600, EN 356

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What means safety film? EN 12 600 is huge - some 60 pages or more... Let's make it smaller :lol6 ....

Safety films consist of a single or double thin layer of sheet polyester a pressure sensitive or a water-activated acrylic adhesive.

These films are generally four to seven mil ( 112-196 microns, 4 to 7 mil) in nominal thickness and designer to prevent or reduce likelihood of injury as a result of accidental glass breakage. These films meet nothing higher than just the mere "safety" standarts. By definition, a safety film is not a security film.

Test description: (pendular soft impact, simulated human body, "safety"), which typically qualify wired glass, tempered glass, single-intrelayered glass and regular float glass with 2, 4, 7 mil films for use in public buildings etc. 45 kg lead shot bag, pendular impact on vertical door-size pane, criteria is whether or not the simulated 11-years-old boy hurts himself when running into the simulated glass door.

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